08 Jun

When the Driver’s Away, the Rodents Will Play…

Don’t let the humorous title fool you; rodents are no laughing matter when it comes to protecting your car. 

We have had many customers come in with ‘check engine’ lights, wiring issues, overheating in the engine, and many other problems. Sometimes, the solution to those can take days or possibly weeks to diagnose and repair. However, there have been many cases where all we have to do is pop the hood and look for evidence of rodents. The most catastrophic case we have dealt with was rodents chewing up every wire harness in a Porsche 997; wiring harnesses had to be ordered from Germany, specific to the VIN of the vehicle…and that bill was over $12,000! Read More

17 Nov

Consignment – A New Found Freedom

Trying to sell your own car can be a time consuming and frustrating process. From the plethora of websites promising a sale within 30 days to phone calls from strangers asking to come to your home to test drive the car and “kick the tires”. How about answering all the questions and having people low-ball you?! And unless you’re like Frank Beck and LOVE awkward situations, we assume you would choose a comfortable, hands-free way to sell your car. That’s why we would recommend consigning your vehicle with us.
Our main goal in everything we do at Beck’s European is to make our customers as comfortable as possible, knowing that their cars are in the best of care. One of the ways we meet that goal is through consignment. You can be at complete peace of mind in knowing that your car is always taken care of as if it were our own. Our philosophy: “Do unto others as you would have done to you”. (And yes, that even goes for the treatment of cars!)
We handle everything from detailing and photographing the car to negotiating the best price for you and all paperwork!
Let us take the hassle out of selling your vehicle without trading it into a dealer and getting pennies on the dollar!