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When the Driver’s Away, the Rodents Will Play…

Don’t let the humorous title fool you; rodents are no laughing matter when it comes to protecting your car.  We’ve had customers come in with ‘check engine’ lights, electronic glitches, engine overheating, and many other problems. Sometimes, the solution to those can take days or possibly weeks to diagnose and repair. However, there have been many […]

The Naughty List

Candidly, we’re weary of keyboard warriors who are very brazen and unreasonable. Very soon we will be starting a list of folks who have burned their bridge with us. In spite of our genuine care, concern, and efforts to satisfy them they have posted inaccurate and misleading information online regarding our company. The days of […]

Consignment – A New Found Freedom

Trying to sell your own car can be a time consuming and frustrating process. From the plethora of websites promising a sale within 30 days to phone calls from strangers asking to come to your home to test drive the car and inspect it. How about answering all of the questions, arranging a pre-purchase inspection, […]