Porsche Engine Rebuilds

As a Porsche owner, keeping your engine running at peak performance is a must. At Beck’s European, rebuilding Porsche engines is our specialty, and after 40+ years of experience, our experienced technicians can rebuild your vehicle’s engine with craftsmanship-like precision and quality.

Beck’s European Racing

While we pride ourselves on doing things “old school” we also take advantage of current technology, innovation and performance tricks. One example is our vintage legal 2.0, 2.5, and 3.0 racing motor program. Through the use of our own proprietary technology our engines have almost 30 lbs less rotating and reciprocating weight than a stock Porsche 911 engine. This adds up to quicker acceleration and deceleration on the track.

Street Motors

Our street motor program is just as impressive. We go to great lengths to make certain that original specs and aesthetic finishes are adhered to. Sourcing rare and hard to find original parts is our wheelhouse. Authenticity and originality are not compromised in spite of parts becoming increasingly more difficult to source.

With the values of early 911’s skyrocketing it is not uncommon to have several ‘65-‘73 engines going simultaneously in our shop. We also have one of the first 1964 901 engines manufactured currently being rebuilt that’s part of a much larger, historically significant restoration project.
996 and 997 M96 engines have proven to be one of Porsche’s biggest disappointments. Fatal flaws which include cracked cylinders and IMS failures caused us to take notice years ago and offer creative, economical solutions. Beck’s European stocks updated replacement engines for ’99-’05 996 and early 997’s. We are proud to offer top quality, proven products from LN Engineering.

Whether it’s a concours 356, mega-dollar restored early 911, or 997 GT3 Cup Car, we have you covered.

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