Giving Credit where Credit is Due

Whatever successes have come my way in my chosen vocation did not originate with me; they were a gift from my father. He was born a mechanic and racer. That desire and passion allowed me to grow up in an environment where tools, parts, motorcycles, and cars were the toys that I played with as a child and young adult. The mixture of oil and cleaning solvent is not an odor but a fragrance that I still find intoxicating today.

My dad was always there to model the proper way to build or assemble anything. What he didn’t teach me directly I was able to learn by watching and observing. I had the best instructor in the world and I thank God every day for all of the opportunities that I was given.

I worked for him for 25 years as an employee and was always thankful to have a job and continue my ongoing education from him and a very seasoned staff. In 1998 the baton was officially passed when my wife and I bought the business.

My father’s legacy is a community full of satisfied past, current, and future customers. You are certainly not just a number at Beck’s European; you’re a key ingredient for a recipe and tradition that people have enjoyed for almost 50 years.

Thanks Dad. I love you more than you know.

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