Honest question: How often do you think about loyalty toward a merchant?

As customers, and clients, we all typically use vendors and merchants who provide us with greater value than their competitors. In a highly competitive marketplace we usually choose to spend our dollars where we get the greatest ROI. Loyalty has to be earned by the merchant; it isn’t an entitlement.

Let’s face it, these days it seems most merchants give you what you pay for but nothing else (The snobs who won’t even do that, hopefully won’t stay in business). Kind, helpful, engaging customer service has become an extraordinary event, but it simply shouldn’t be this way. At Beck’s we understand that you have a plethora of choices regarding car care. We know that unless we give you “more than the next guy” you will feel no loyalty toward our company, and we will actually be “the next guy”! We understand this and fully expect to earn your loyalty one appointment at a time. Our philosophy is that we’re interviewing for a job each and every time you come in.

BUT, as all relationships go, there are different levels. While Beck’s offers excellent service to everyone, we have some customers who have showed such a generous level of support and loyalty over the years that we will go way above and beyond our normal high standards. These are the customers who we will take a bullet for and quite frankly provide them with whatever they want, whenever they want it. The sign of a healthy relationship is when one party’s reasonable demands intersect with the other party’s willingness to meet them.

If you’ve never tried our shop, please let us prove to you that we are serious about providing you with the best Porsche, Audi, and BMW service and repair possible. For those of you who currently call Beck’s European YOUR shop: THANK YOU!

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