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Alignment services

Beck’s European offers in-house alignments on our state-of-the-art Hunter alignment equipment. We take the time to ensure that all four wheels of your vehicle are properly aligned, not just a “toe and go”. 

Your vehicle alignment is a crucial aspect of how your car or SUV drives. Even a small deviation from where it is supposed to be can throw off how your vehicle performs, and greatly decrease the life of your tires.

We offer a FREE alignment check complimentary with our other services.

We also aim to excel with special alignment needs for classic Porsches such as air-cooled 911s, 356, and race cars. Offering custom alignment specs for your exact situation and taking the time when it comes to corner balancing, an important part of your vehicle’s setup.

When do I need an alignment?

  • You notice the steering wheel is no longer centered
  • You notice the vehicle is pulling to the left or right.
  • You recently hit a large pothole or curb.
  • You notice irregular tire wear patterns.
  • After replacing your tires with new ones.

Call to schedule your appointment at 480-556-6572 or book your appointment online here.

Whether it’s a Concours 356, mega-dollar restored early 911, or GT3 Cup Car, we have you covered.

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