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Get the most from your BMW

Dinan’s performance solutions are renowned for improving acceleration, cornering and stopping power.



Are you looking to get the most from your BMW?

If so, Dinan’s performance solutions are renowned for improving acceleration, cornering, and stopping power.

Beck’s European has been selected to be the only independent Dinan BMW performance dealer in the North Phoenix / Scottsdale market and is authorized to install a full product line of Dinan performance products including software upgrades, exhaust, driveline, engine, and suspension components.

If you are looking for real power, the Dinan Supercharger systems raise the horsepower of your BMW to race car levels. The Performance Suspension systems give the vehicle racecar-like handling without making the car harsh and un-drivable.

“Achieving ‘M’ sport performance without having to spend $20-30k more for an ‘M’ series car is very appealing,” says Frank Beck of Beck’s European.

Whether you are interested in individual components or a complete Dinan Signature Series for your BMW, Beck’s European is ready to help transform any make of BMW into a true performance machine.

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