Beck's European - Collision Repair Experts

Unfortunately, most of us have had the misfortune of being involved in a traffic accident or have been in a crash.

Remember the headaches involved. The back and forth with your insurance company, rental car issues, and dealing with a body shop?

Beck’s European can help you navigate through this logistical nightmare.

We’ve Got You Covered

Not only are we experts in the body and mechanical repair of your damaged Porsche, Audi or BMW, but we can facilitate the entire collision repair process acting as your advocate and agent.

Having a professional represent you on your behalf will allow you to focus on your priorities, not the least of which may be personal physical recovery.

Insurance companies have their own interests in mind. It’s our job to make sure your vehicle is repaired properly while also making certain the insurance company pays fair market rates. Ultimately it’s a win-win where both parties are completely satisfied with the end result.

Get Your Vehicle Towed Directly To Beck’s European

If your car is involved in an accident, please tell the towing company and/or authorities on the scene that you would like the vehicle towed to Beck’s European.  Once the car is towed to our facility, it is placed inside our shop to begin the estimating and insurance approval process.

No need to worry that your vehicle will be further compromised by sitting outside in the weather or personal possessions being stolen.

True Story

Recently one of our staff members was driving by an accident scene in central Phoenix and called in a license plate number of a Porsche that was involved. Sure enough, it was one of our customers.

Our employee pulled over, found our customer, reassured him that we would handle the car, and even provided a ride to his place of employment after the police were finished with the investigation.

Unfortunately, his prized Porsche was a complete total but the silver lining was that we found him an even better 911 to purchase! Our customer was able to receive fair compensation because of our counsel, persistence, and expert testimony regarding the market value and appraised value.

Call Us – We’re Here To Help

Should you suffer a crash, we wish we could be on site! However, the next best thing is to call us at (480) 556-6572 so that we can offer immediate and very valuable information. Most people are shaken up following a crash; having a familiar voice to assist you can be quite calming and prevent costly missteps.