Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections

A comprehensive vehicle inspection

Make sure your dream Porsche, Audi or BMW measures up in terms of condition.



You Should Get a PPI

Luxury, performance, design – you found it all in the used German automobile you’ve been contemplating. Now Beck’s European wants to help you with the final verification, or PPI, before purchase: a pre-purchase vehicle inspection starting at $200. Make sure your dream Porsche, Audi, or BMW measures up in terms of condition.

To help you understand the process, we want to tell you what you can expect from Beck’s European pre-purchase vehicle inspection, and why customers in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tempe, and surrounding areas have been choosing us for over 50 years.

CarFax Isn’t Enough

CarFax and other reporting agencies do a good job of telling the story of a car’s history, but there are weaknesses. If you’re going to make a major investment in a used German automobile, it’s wise to go a step further with a full vehicle inspection.

For one, repairs are sometimes paid out of pocket and not through insurance, so the report will not capture the information. In addition, there is always a lag time in reporting – sometimes as much as 12 months – so your report may not include information about recent accidents and repairs (which may very well be the reason why the owner decided to sell or trade the vehicle).

While CarFax is a good step in the inspection process, you need a more thorough PPI like those provided at Beck’s European.

About Beck’s European Comprehensive Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections

Beck’s PPI pre-purchase inspections are designed to overcome the weaknesses of CarFax and other reporting agencies while giving you a more thorough understanding of a vehicle’s history. Our pre-purchase inspections include:

  • A review of interior aesthetics.
  • A detailed inspection of paint finish to uncover evidence of collision damage or re-spray. Complete paint meter readings included. 
  • An analysis of engine history to see how the car has been driven, including over-revs, ignition range misfires, hours and mileage.
  • The use of Autologic and Porsche software to test equipment and diagnose issues.
  • A thorough visual inspection to detect miscellaneous issues such as odometer tampering and other problems.
  • A review of documented repair history to understand what corresponds with our findings and what may indicate red flags.

Used cars should never be ‘graded on a curve;’ therefore each inspection is performed using new or better than new cars as a standard, so you know how your used vehicle stacks up to the best. While your used car may have used-car-related issues, only with objective standards can you truly determine if it will be a good purchase, given the vehicle condition and price.

Call to schedule your appointment at 480-556-6572 or book your appointment online here.

  • Kardex service available for Porsches up to model year 1970.
  • Porsche archive build sheet service available for 911 models 1970 and newer.
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections by professionals who know period-correct details and authenticity.
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