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Many Arizona residents keep their car in storage during the heat of the summer



Why store your car?

Many Arizona residents keep their cars in storage during the heat of the summer, either while spending time in a cooler climate or simply because it’s too hot to enjoy the benefits of a convertible or performance vehicle in scorching hot temperatures.

When the weather is ideal for enjoyable driving, it is usually not as easy as removing the cover and firing it up. Unless precautions have been taken in advance, issues that may arise could involve the fuel, battery, tires, and wiring.

Taking precautions prior to storage is a piece of cake, as long as you know in advance that your car will be parked for an extended period of time (longer than 3 months). If precautions have not been taken, the residual amount of gasoline that was in the fuel pump, filter, lines, and fuel injection components can turn into a solid.

Attempting to start an engine under these conditions can be costly.

If you are anticipating storage of your car, here is what we recommend:

  • Add a fuel-stabilizing product to the gas tank. The product, STA-BIL works well but our preference is to add a few gallons of 100+ octane race fuel to the tank. This extends the shelf life of your tank of gas to potentially several years, and your engine will enjoy this cocktail of choice. Beck’s stocks Sunoco race fuels in 104 unleaded, 112 leaded, and 118 leaded.
  • Disconnect the battery or keep it charged with a battery maintainer or tender. We’re big fans of the NOCO Genius chargers and have them in stock.
  • Make sure all fluids are at their proper levels and have been changed at proper intervals.
  • If you have the luxury of jacking the car up and parking on jack stands, this helps eliminate the possibility of flat spots on the tires. We find that permanent flat spotting usually doesn’t occur unless the vehicle is parked for more than nine months without moving. A relatively new product on the market is a cushioned mat device that all four wheels are parked on. The theory is that if the point of contact is more evenly distributed over a greater, softer surface area, the tire carcass is less likely to develop a flat spot.

What if I've taken precautions and after storing the vehicle, it won’t start?

Definitely discontinue attempts to start it. It may be something simple; it may also be wiring damage or nests that could result in a fire. As long as the vehicle has comprehensive insurance coverage, towing and damage should be covered. Please ask your agent to be sure.

How about if the vehicle has been sitting for more than six months and no precautions have been taken?

We recommend that you have it towed in. Better safe than sorry.

In anticipation of long-term storage, can I bring my car to Beck’s for proper preparation?

Absolutely. This is an especially popular procedure for us prior to the summer season. Please call us to learn more about what your particular car may need regarding storage.

Beck’s European also offers secure, climate controlled, long-term storage at our facility to give you peace of mind as you travel, work, or simply enjoy life in the heat of Arizona.

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