I trust Beck’s for the correct diagnosis

January 2, 2015

After I’d been out of Arizona for more than a week, my 2006 Cayman S would not start. I suspected that the 2.5 year old battery was bad. I put the battery on the charger and called AAA, who arrived 45 minutes later. By that time the car started. AAA said the battery tested OK, a little short of the specification cranking amps, but that was because it didn’t have enough time to charge fully. For the next few days I had to use the charger to get the car started in the morning. I suspected that it had developed an electrical problem that was draining the battery. (My first Porsche was a 924 that had several electrical problems, culminating in a complete new wiring harness, so I’m highly sensitive to electrical problems.) I drove the car to Beck’s, where I’ve taken my 944 and Cayman S since I came to Arizona in 1998, for everything including prep for track events. They immediately diagnosed the problem as a bad battery, nothing worse. Since the battery was still under warranty, I returned it to the place of purchase for a full replacement. Beck’s installed the new replacement battery quickly when I returned. I’ve had no problems since, now more than a month. I’ll be scheduling Beck’s for the 60,000 mile routine service in the next month or two. I trust Beck’s for the correct diagnosis.